I Wish I’d Had a Singapore Neighborhood Guide Like This One…

Before coming to Singapore, I wanted to see how it was laid out as a city and where the cool places to be were. I couldn't find a good guide anywhere! I know mine isn't the best but I did learn a lot while there (staying with local friends) and they helped me organize this.

Don’t Miss Out: Luxury Nightlife in Singapore

Nightlife is the best part of Singapore. It's a pretty bold statement since most people would say food, but I was a little disappointed by the food. The nightlife I'm used to in Goa is literally on the other side of the spectrum in comparison to Singapore. In Goa I drink beer that's a dollar while

Guide to Boozing on a Backpackers Budget in Singapore

After my first day in Singapore, and Ben and I spending over 200 bucks, I thought there’s no way I could have made it here as a backpacker. It isn’t a joke when people say it’s “so expensive!” The prices really are extremely high, and if someone asked me, "is Singapore expensive for backpackers?" I

Best Food in Singapore: A Foodie’s Heaven

In Singapore two things are clearly important: Upscale shopping malls and Eating. With a variety of ethnicities combining, like Chinese, Malay, and Indian, there is an enormous assortment of architecture, religion, and most importantly, FOOD! I was in search of the best food in Singapore. I’ve shared on the blog quite a bit about Singapore,

Guide to Shopping in Singapore

When Ben and I decided last minute we’d go to Singapore for our visas, I will admit the first thing I thought of was Burger King. The second was shopping. I swear soon after that culture and local food came to mind… but I never claimed not to be materialistic! Plus, a girl has needs