If you are looking to plan a girl’s weekend filled with rich culture, amazing food, and lively nightlife, then look no further than New Orleans, Louisiana! On my recent trip to The Big Easy, I was completely charmed by the city’s fun atmosphere and incredible history. There is plenty to eat, see, and do in this city, so what are you waiting for? Grab a girlfriend (or two, or three!) and follow this itinerary for an epic girls weekend in New Orleans you won’t forget!

Girls Weekend in New Orleans

Day 1 (Friday): Explore The Historic French Quarter

Wander The French Quarter

One of the best ways to get to know New Orleans is to simply walk around! The French Quarter is the most popular area in New Orleans among tourists, and for good reason. Here you can wander around while taking in the incredible and historic sights of the French Quarter. If you are like me and love your history, then I highly recommend hopping on a walking tour of the area the first day you arrive. Not only will it help you get acquainted with the city, but you’ll learn all about the history of New Orleans and the unique architecture that surrounds you.

Visit Jackson Square

Jackson Square is the French Quarter’s main plaza. While the square and the surrounding buildings date back to the 1700s, today the area remains as lively as ever. You are sure to run into street performers and artists, and you may even spot a few beads left over from Mardi Gras in the trees lining the park. Jackson Square is easy to recognize, and the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral is an excellent landmark by which to navigate.

Grab a Po’ Boy For Lunch

Since you will be spending much of the day walking around, be sure to refuel by stopping to get something to eat! A classic New Orleans Po’ Boy is a quick an easy lunch option for when you are out exploring and have worked up an appetite.

Tour Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

New Orleans is famous for its historic cemeteries the colorful stories behind those interred. While in NOLA, a tour of Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 is not to be missed! Lying just outside of the French Quarter, this cemetery features above-ground graves and tombs, many of which date back to the 18th century. During the tour, you will learn all about the cemetery’s residents, such as Marie Laveau, famous for her part in New Orlean’s voodoo culture, and you’ll even pass by the future tomb of Nicholas Cage.

During my New Orleans trip, I took a combined tour of the French Quarter and Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1. Not only did this help me save some time and navigate the city, but I learned so much! You can read more about everything I saw on the tour here!

Treat Yourselves To A Nice Dinner Out

If there is one thing New Orleans does exceptionally well, it’s food! From amazing seafood to classic dishes like gumbo and Cajun flavors, it is hard to go wrong when eating in New Orleans. Treat yourselves to a fancy dinner at one of New Orleans’ best restaurants! Make sure to get reservations in advance when visiting any of NOLA’s popular restaurants such as Antoine’s, a 175-year-old restaurant famous for its French-Creole fine dining.

Hit The Town- Bourbon & Frenchman Street

A girl’s trip to NOLA wouldn’t be complete without a night out on the town! New Orleans nightlife is world-famous. Start your night off by heading to Bourbon Street, a wild and fun street lined with bars and filled with tourists looking to experience some New Orleans nightlife. While many visitors enjoy simply hanging out on Bourbon street (you can even take to go cups as there are no laws against open containers, I highly recommend venturing a little further to Frenchman Street for a more authentic feel and some excellent live music. New Orleans is a city filled with amazing Jazz music, so be sure to venture off Bourbon to hear some!

Day 2 (Saturday): Plantation Day Trip and Haunted New Orleans

Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde

Start the day off on the right foot by heading to breakfast at Cafe Du Monde. There isn’t much on the menu-in fact, the cafe just serves beignets, coffee, and drinks, but the Cafe Du Monde is the most famous place in NOLA to get these powder-sugar coated treats. I highly recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Be prepared to have a very satisfied sweet tooth!

Day Trip To Oak Alley Plantation

Just outside of New Orleans lies the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation, originally built in 1839 and known for the 29 oak trees that welcome visitors to the home. The trees are over 200 years old, and make for a pretty amazing Instagram shot! I totally felt like Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind! Oak Alley was even featured in a Beyonce music video, and if Queen Bey approves, then it must go on the itinerary ;) .  If you don’t have a car for the weekend, there is no need to worry, you can actually book a plantation tour with transportation from New Orleans. While there, you will learn the history of the plantation and have time to tour the grounds-you’ll also want to grab a delicious Mint Julep!

During my trip to New Orleans, I actually visited two plantations, Oak Alley and Laura. While I loved the picture-perfect beauty of Oak Alley, I really enjoyed the more historical tour of Laura. If you have time, I highly recommend seeing more than one plantation, as each has a unique feel and point of view.

To read more about visiting Oak Alley and Laura, click here!

Head To An Oyster Bar


The seafood in New Orleans is to die for, so be sure to grab your girls and head to an Oyster Bar at some point! While raw oysters aren’t for everyone, they are also delicious char-grilled and are definitely worth a try!

Discover Haunted New Orleans

As beautiful as New Orleans is, the city has quite a haunted history. To learn all about the creepy tales and haunted homes of NOLA, you will want to join a Ghost Tour of New Orleans. These tours are a great way to hear some of the more twisted tales that took place in the French Quarter and see the city’s haunted spots. You may even discover that your hotel is haunted! No need to worry though, with your girlfriends in tow there is nothing to fear, not even ghosts!

Grab a Cocktail on a Carousel

After the tour, head to the Hotel Monteleone, a historic French Quarter hotel with one of the most famous bars in the city. The hotel is home to a carousel bar which actually rotates as you sit down. The cocktails are delicious, although the bar does get quite busy, so you may want to arrive early if you are hoping to sit on the carousel itself. You can either end the night here, or head back out on the town for another fun night in NOLA!

Day 3 (Sunday): Brunch, Rooftop Bar

Brunch at Brennan’s


Is it even a girl’s trip if you didn’t go to brunch? Brennan’s opened in 1946 and the restaurant’s gorgeous dining rooms will definitely make it on your Instagram! Not only is the restaurant a beauty, but the food is delicious too, which is why the restaurant is considered one of New Orleans’ best. Brennan’s is particularly popular at brunch, so be sure to make reservations!

Explore The Garden District, Visit The WWII Museum, or take a Swamp Tour

There is so much to do in New Orleans that it is impossible to fit everything in one weekend! Spend the afternoon doing whatever activity piques your girlfriends’ interest most, be it taking the old trolley to check out the Garden District, visiting the world-renown WWII Museum which is absolutely incredible, or hanging out with some alligators a swamp tour! Whatever you choose, you are sure to have an excellent time!

Personalize your itinerary by discovering the top 15 things you must do in New Orleans here!

Celebrate a Great Trip At A Rooftop Bar

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with rooftop bars. What better way to end a trip than by sipping a cocktail while overlooking New Orleans? There are several great rooftop bars to choose from in New Orleans, but I highly recommend the Hot Tin Rooftop Bar at the Garden District’s Pontchartrain Hotel. Not only is the view amazing but the drinks are fantastic!

There you have it! My ultimate girls’ weekend guide to New Orleans! Which of these activities would be a must on a trip with your girlfriends? Let me know in the comments!

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