What’s the Best Place to Stay in Goa? (Original Post by Rachel from 2015)

After five years of living in Goa and exploring just about every little hut and jungle setting, I've put together a list to answer your question, "What's the best place to stay in Goa?" It's easily one of the best places to visit in India, and I highly recommend coming, even if you're visiting during

Backpackers Boutique: Packing Tips from Global Couple

Welcome to Backpacker's Boutique. Every Sunday, this spot will feature a new travel blogger. Some weeks it will be a really fun interview about packing, fashion, and fitness so you can snoop inside their bags & lives a little bit and other weeks it'll be a detailed luxury guide to a city the featured blogger/expat knows very well. E-mail me

Want to Win a Free Vacation in the UK?

Want a chance to win a free vacation!? I just took a quiz from a UK travel agency called Parkdean Holidays to be entered to win a prize of a 7 day stay at one of their two dozen resorts across the UK for your family- it's worth 750 pounds. I expect my English reader

Interview with Another Girlie-girl Traveler: Jo from Dirty Paws Blog

"It's time to get your paws dirty..." a travel blog interview. Jo and Chris met in the office and are about to leave it all behind, even their little cat, and take the world by storm, starting in Malaysia and ending in Nepal, the adventure will be extreme! Jo has a degree in Geography and is

Liebster Award

I was kindly given a newbie-blogger award by Emily at Innocent Nomads. It reminds me of when my 6th grade basketball coach gave me ‘Most Improved’ at the end of the year. It was saying I had been terrible, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. This award isn’t bad though,