Want a chance to win a free vacation!?

I just took a quiz from a UK travel agency called Parkdean Holidays to be entered to win a prize of a 7 day stay at one of their two dozen resorts across the UK for your family- it’s worth 750 pounds.

I expect my English reader will do better than I did, although I didn’t bomb it. I got a score of 534 (I am pretty sure I missed half of them).

The quiz is right below if you want to try your chances. They’ll show you two photos at a time, one “home” aka UK, and one “away” of beaches and waterfalls. Just make your guess and see how many of the ten you get right.

Make sure after you finish the quiz, you enter you e-mail after so they can contact you if you win.

Crossing my fingers!

Enter to win a fantastic Parkdean Holiday worth up to £750

Did know Newquay from Nice? Let me know in the comments how you did in the Home or Away Quiz!

The only time I’ve spent beachside in the UK is when Ben took me to Brighton Pier, but I’ve always wanted to see more. I’ve explored the Brighton lanes, his hometown in Kent, and London a couple of times, but it’s the countryside I really hope to see, as well as Cornwall.

meme quizBrighton Lanes


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