Even once you’ve decided where to stay in Goa and that you’d prefer the more relaxing south over north, there are still quite a lot of beaches to choose from! With the help of our local expert, Jules, we’re going to look at the best ones to visit. This guide is all about Agonda Beach, Goa!

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Agonda is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, and I have to say I agree. It is clean, is the closest to silky white sand you’ll find, and has huge green cliffs closing in on either end. When you are swimming in the very clean and usually friendly sea, it can feel magical. Like the paradise you see in movies.

Located about an hour and a half from Dabolim Airport via taxi (or accessible via local bus from Panjim or Margao), Agonda is one of the busier and more popular beaches along the southern coast. It still feels like a sleepy beach with its own sense of community that comes alive in season.

Nightlife is optional in the form of live music, drinks at a few of the bars, and lots of great restaurants. Don’t expect nightclubs or beach raves to be common. There’s really only Leopard Valley, which is where you can find a late-night rave scene monthly or weekly depending on the time of year.

Agonda has a welcoming vibe about it, it’s big enough to explore but small enough to feel at home and comfortable. I wouldn’t say it would be the best place to meet new traveling friends through accommodation as you are unlikely to find shared rooms or hostels. But the yoga scene and the bars are perfect to meet other like-minded people along the way.

Do note, same as all other beaches in the South, Agonda usually opens for tourists from November through to April. Between May and October the beach is usually deserted with all beach huts dismantled and the monsoon season setting in. 

A Complete Guide to Agonda Beach, Goa

Zest Agonda in Agonda Beach Goa

Places to Eat in Agonda


I really love this place. Like really. This is a vegan spot that serves the most instagrammable and delicious food. The fruit granola bowl with a coconut chai latte is a dream. They have amazing lunch options that include de-constructed sushi bowls and glorious pizza. There’s a really comfortable seating area which is a perfect place to take some time out of the heat. Do not miss this place if you make it to Agonda Beach!

Indah Desa & Kopi Desa

Indah Desa is a great beachfront restaurant that serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have eaten here quite a few times and always find myself going back because I know it is going to be good. They also offer a BBQ service at the table which I haven’t tried but looks fun. You can also stay here at their beach huts which line the front and are also along the back.

Kopi Desa is the sister place which is a bar further down south of the main road. This place gets busy in the evening and serves great cocktails. I recommend trying both places!

La Dolce Vita

If you are craving some Italian, La Dolce Vita is where you should be heading. I believe it is Italian-owned and serves very authentic dishes.

Fatima’s Corner

This cute place is set right at the entrance to the main beach road in Agonda. It has been around for years and serves great, authentic Indian food. Everything from North Indian food to momos to South Indian.

Places to Stay in Agonda

Agonda Beach itself stretches about two kilometers long, so there are quite a few beachfront places to stay. I’d, of course, suggest staying at one of these spots for the ultimate holiday experience! Book one of the stilted huts with their own, private sea-facing balconies. Though do note the roar of the sea can be surprisingly loud so if you’re a light sleeper take a hut a little further back!

All the places can pretty much be found online whether on one of the booking sites or with their own site. There are so many places to choose from, so this is one of the places I suggest booking in advance. This way you don’t have to walk up and down the beach with your bargaining hat on.

Nearly all spots have a restaurants and many include breakfast. Nothing spells out vacation more than breakfast on the beach! The rate of rooms really depends on how close you are to the beach, and whether it is sea facing. Rooms should range from Rs 1,500 – 5,000+ per night. Agonda is bit more on the premium side compared to the other beaches in South Goa.

Jardim y Mar View, Agonda, India

Jardim Y Mar

Jardim y Mar

This is my go-to place to stay in Agonda as it’s located in the middle of the beach making it feel like either end is not too far of a walk away. The staff is really nice, they have different room options, and the menu is huge and delicious. They also have a great common area in the shade which is definitely needed during the day. I have stayed in their beach-facing stilted hut, the courtyard beach huts with not so much beach to be seen, and also their concrete rooms which have A/C. As expected, the beach facing stilted hut comes with a much higher price tag. In high season, you could pay up to Rs 5,000 per night. Book now


This place is located just opposite Zest, the amazing vegan place, and has a lot of rooms to offer. This is one of the bigger places that has a big restaurant and bar and live music options. They have their own sun beds on the beach, which not every place has. Book now

Harmonium, Agonda, India


Harmonium is set at the far end of the northern side of the beach, closer to the river. These rooms are a little more luxurious than some of the others, more like proper rooms rather than beach huts. They have some great bean bags out front to lounge on and this side of the beach feels deserted. Book now

Tribe Agonda, Agonda, India

The Tribe

The Tribe

This is more for the jungle goers than the beach lovers. The Tribe is set back from the beach and is more inland. You can live among wildlife and learn about permaculture at this eco-resort. If you want to take trips to the beach but feel more of a sense of a community than The Tribe is more for you. It’s not a hostel but has that feel to it. Book now

Boat Trip, Agonda, India

What Else Is There to Do?

Go bird watching

Walk up to the far north side of the beach where the sea meets the river. There should be one or two people offering you a riverboat trip to go bird watching. Even if you aren’t a keen birdwatcher like myself, I highly recommend waking up early for this. It really is such a peaceful and beautiful way to see sleepy, tropical Goa. Captain, who is the boat driver in the white captain hat, will point out all the colorful birds along the way whilst you take in the breathtaking views.

Boat Trip, Agonda, India

Go on a boat trip

Take up the offer of a boat trip to see the dolphins, for sunset, or to one of the other beaches along the coast. This is a great way to see the beauty of Agonda from the middle of the sea. I recommend an early morning trip to avoid strong currents and choppy waves.

Walk on Agonda Beach, India

Walk along the beach

I know it is hard to step away from sunbathing and a good book, but I also recommend putting your Piña Colada down (or taking it along with you) and going for a nice walk to either end. The far north end is where the sea meets the river and on the far south end you can find some huge rocks to climb if you are feeling adventurous.

Go shopping

The main road that runs parallel to the beach has lots of cute shops selling goodies for great prices. Take a walk from one end to the other and treat yourself.

Rent a moped and explore

If you can ride a scooter, then it’s a great way to see some of the other beautiful beaches along the coast. Try riding to Cola Beach – though it has the most horrible bumpy road to conquer – Cabo de Rama, and the neighboring beach of Palolem.

Cows in Agonda Beach Goa

Watch the cows at sunset

I have only seen this happen on Agonda Beach. All the restaurant and hotel owners gather up their food waste and put it out in boxes on the beach at sunset each day. The cows know this routine now and come in their 20s and 30s to snack on these veggie delicacies. It is a great view with the sun setting behind.

Beaches/Towns Nearby

The closest beach on the north side of Agonda is Cola Beach. This is a semi-secret beach with a beautiful, picturesque lagoon and a few places to stay. As mentioned above, the road leading down the Cola Beach is not the most friendly so be careful if you are on a scooter.

On the other side is Palolem Beach which is a bigger, busier beach. This beach has a lot more going on in the evenings and more of a backpacker vibe to it.

If you have the time I would suggest pairing a few nights stay in Agonda with a few nights in Patnem or Palolem.

Have you been to Agonda Beach, Goa? What did you think? Let us know!

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