Growing up, when I pictured what paradise must be like, I pictured Hawaii. I always had it in my head one day that is where I’d have the perfect honeymoon. While it’s part of the USA, Hawaii always seems so exotic. I finally got a chance to visit and I didn’t want to leave so I extended my trip and ended up staying a month bouncing from island to island with my boyfriend. Waking up surfing, have a Lomi Lomi massage to help out my sore muscles, smelling plumeria in the air, and eating the best poke, soft buttery taro rolls, and of course – shave ice, and somehow every single day ending with an even better sunset than the one before. Why leave!?
Finally Cross Hawaii Off Your Bucket List With This $341 Round-Trip Flight
We spent our days busy – no beach lounging for us. Instead, helicopter rides over Maui that brought happy tears to my eyes, SUP in Waikiki and watching the sea turtles below, canyoning, horse-back riding, driving the Road to Hana, scuba-diving, and snorkeling… the list goes on and on!
Finally Cross Hawaii Off Your Bucket List With This $341 Round-Trip Flight
From the volcanoes of Maui to the surfers at the North Shore in Oahu to the secluded beaches of the big island and Waimea Canyon of Kauai, Hawaii has adventure and beauty for days!
I’m always looking for deals to get back to Hawaii (I have mother-daughter trips in mind and girlfriend getaways planned!). That’s why I freaked when I saw a round-trip flight to Hawaii for $341. Your dream trip to Hawaii just got much more realistic.

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay

When people think of taking a week or two-week vacation in the USA, they tend to go to Florida, North Carolina, or maybe California. Hawaii has always seemed like a “save it for the honeymoon” or “save it for later” kind of place. Why? Because the flights are often expensive and people always say it’ll cost a couple of grand to have a vacation in Hawaii. But this is often in your head. You don’t have to stay at a 5-star hotel on the beach. Actually, I stayed in Hawaii for a month and did a lot of Airbnb rentals, cooking at home, and staying at small inns rather than resorts. I rented surfing and snorkeling equipment from small shops rather than booking tours. You can do Hawaii on a budget – and it might even feel more authentic.

I use Next Vacay to be on the lookout for insanely good deals since they email me a few times a week (sometimes a few times a day). They emailed me this deal of $341 for Hawaii and I immediately called my mom to see if we should book a trip. The price was so low and I feel like people just don’t imagine that you can go to Hawaii for this price from the mainland. I get so stoked when Next Vacay send out deals like this and end up tweeting about it all the time because it just lets people actually go the places they dream about – wanderlust in action! Next Vacay has been one of my favorite websites for travel for over two years now. You can read my full review here.

After you get the flight booked, you get to start planning your trip! You’ll have to think about which island really calls to you. Each island is so different and while Oahu is often visited most because of Waikiki and the Pearl Harbor memorial. Many people will tell you the Big Island is totally overlooked and you should prioritize it in your plans. Kaui is known as the most beautiful (it’s where Jurassic Park was filmed) and Maui is definitely a chilled honeymoon spot. These are the four most popular and it’s usually best to pick just two on your first trip.

Finally Cross Hawaii Off Your Bucket List With This $341 Round-Trip Flight

Try to use the money you saved on the flight to treat yourself to a surf lesson or book a touristy yet amazing luau even if just to eat the delicious buffet.

You can do a mix of pre-planned activities and finding your own adventure. For example, one day you might want to take equipment from the hotel to snorkel from the shore but another day you can splurge out on a catamaran tour to snorkel at a small nearby island. You don’t have to do tours for everything. With a rental car, you can go explore bamboo forests and find secret waterfalls all on your own. 

Visiting just a couple of islands means there’s always a great reason to come back!

Finally Cross Hawaii Off Your Bucket List With This $341 Round-Trip Flight

You might just be rolling your eyes thinking “there is no way I can go”. Whether it’s money, time off of work, or family commitments, you’re more likely to find a reason to stay home than to go.

With my blog, I might be showing you MY travels, but the point of it all is that I strive to make YOUR travel dreams real, not just something you “pin for later” on Pinterest. Later may never come! I show you tools like Next Vacay and booking websites to save you money on car rentals and hotels so that you can do it now – not later.

I’m sure you all want to swim with turtles and eat shave ice under a rainbow (not an exaggeration; Hawaii has a bizarre amount of rainbows, ha!). Try to think outside of the box. Now that you know there is a flight to Hawaii cheaper than you imagined, what can you move around to make the trip work? Do you need a dog-sitter or babysitter? Maybe you can ask your family to help. Do you have some vacation time you have been avoiding taking for years? It’s time to take it!

Finally Cross Hawaii Off Your Bucket List With This $341 Round-Trip Flight

Yes, we’re all busy and we all have bills – but my travels to Hawaii and beyond are things experiences I’ll remember for the lifetime and the some of the best money I’ve spent. One thing that brings ideas like this trip to Hawaii from my mind to reality is using Next Vacay – signing up for it two years ago brought me trips and experiences that I would have missed otherwise. Their cheap deals made my travels so much better (and more often).

So, Wait – What is Next Vacay?

I have been using Next Vacay for over two years. I reviewed them and it went viral – I get video messages sent to my inbox on Instagram thanking me for turning them onto Next Vacay. In my 4 years of blogging, I’ve never seen my readers react so positively to a brand and get this excited about travel deals. It’s been wild to watch Next Vacay grow, as I knew the brand when they first started out. In fact, I am the first blogger they ever worked with.

The main thing people ask before signing up is: “Is this real? It seems too good to be true.”. It’s real. It’s not too good to be true! It’s not a scam and there is no “hidden small print”. I can give you my word on that.

Let me sum up how Next Vacay works, don’t worry I’ll be quick!

You sign up with this link. You’ll get a month free trial, so you can cancel before your card is charged in that month. If you like it and keep it, you’ll pay their small fee of $25 which is for a whole year and input your closest airport and a couple of nearby ones. Then watch the emails come pouring in. I get a few a day as my airport is quite popular, but you might get a few a week. The prices listed are always a round-trip price. The email will tell you when and where you can get the deal and give you a link to click to book. You book through the link to a major airline site or Google Flights, not through Next Vacay.

The price for the membership doesn’t go up. It’s stayed the same price of $25 since I’ve been with them – and considering how popular they are, they could charge more but don’t which I appreciate as a member. They use their technology to find crazy cheap deals, only searching dates and destinations that make sense (not a two-day trip to Minnesota on a Tuesday in winter) and when one from your airport pops up, they email it to you.

The best part is that if you don’t find a deal you like in SIX months, you can cancel and get your money back. There’s literally nothing to lose. At the very least, you’ll get some travel inspiration in your inbox to keep your wanderlust alive.

For me, the best deals are ones from the USA to India, which is a flight I take a lot and they have saved me so much money finding deals on this. Rather than just reading my good deals, you can look at Next Vacay’s Facebook page to see the many users sharing the deals they’ve recently booked.

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Next Vacay

Ready for your dream trip? You can sign up for your free trial and plan it! Here are some other people’s reactions to Next Vacay so you can see what I mean:

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This post is in partnership with Next Vacay. I was paid for this post but only write about things I truly believe in. I have been a happy user of their services for over two years and not only love this company but think it’ll be the smartest $25 you spend toward travel this year!