The shopping scene here is different to the rest of India. While, yes, you can find the typical goodies like elephant trousers, incense, and wall hangings, there are so many more cool, independent boutiques and designers in Goa getting their start! After all, while you can get those baggy, colorful elephant pants, how often can you really wear them once you’re back home?

Below is an insider list of places where you can find some really beautiful items, stuff to make your friends jealous. and stuff you will actually be able to wear once you return to your everyday life!

Boutiques & Designers in Goa


Tia founded her namesake brand to offer a beautifully designed chic line of women’s swimwear and clothing. She’s a one woman entrepreneur who sources sustainable material and has everything made locally. Last season she had a beautiful shop in Mandrem – Alchemy – shared with Fara Boutique, though next year they are not sure if they will be going ahead with the space.

Even if you haven’t made it to Goa yet, have a look at her website as she does international deliveries! If you are in Goa keep an eye and ear out for any Alchemy pop ups! Tia was one of Rachel’s best friends in Goa, so if you’ve ever wondered about what she was wearing in India, you’ve probably heard of this brand countless of times!


Fara Boutique, Goa Boutiques, India

Fara Boutique

Another beautiful female owned line, Fara Boutique, has some super cool chic women’s clothing to offer. Have a look at the website to see the latest clothing and jewelry options which can be delivered worldwide. Keep an eye out for an Alchemy pop up when you come to Goa or contact the designer directly.


Rangeela, Goa Boutiques, India


  • Location: Assagao, North Goa

This amazing shop is one of my favorites in the whole of Goa. It’s the kind of shop you wish you could just buy everything. The taste and style makes you want to re-decorate your home, start again with a fresh new wardrobe, and invest all your money in jewelry. Set in a beautiful Portuguese house in Assagao, you can spend a few hours exploring the different rooms and then having a break on their comfortable swing. Products are from all around India as well as Bali and Africa and wherever else the owners have recently vacationed! Don’t miss it!


Flame Store

  • Location: Various in North Goa

This is another home ware and fashion store with quite a few locations spread across Goa. They have beautiful locally designed and made clothing pieces. If you are having an evening out to Thalassa you can also find a Flame Store in the restaurant area.


Studio Arpora, Goa Boutiques, India

Studio Arpora

  • Location: Arpora, North Goa.

This cute studio is owned by Saffron, another friend of mine and Rachel’s. You can view some amazing art painted by Shireen Mody, the latest collection being Coconut Trees and The Friday Night Market. Saffron’s watercolor prints and originals are for sale as well as some beautiful scarves and tea towels. If you want to take a little bit of Goa back home with you, this is definitely a place to visit.


Jaali Cafe, Goa Boutiques, India

Jaali Boutique

  • Location: Patnem, South Goa

This really cool boutique can be found in South Goa just next to Patnem Beach. They have a cafe selling tasty food so make sure you stop by for some lunch and a browse of the very chic store.



  • Location: Panjim, North Goa

This cool boutique is located in Panjim in one of the colorful streets of Fontainhas. It is sort of attached to Blue Tokai coffee shop so stop by for a coffee and to purchase some treasures. They have great clothing for both men and women, jewelry as well as great gift options.


Mermaid Boutique, Goa Boutiques, India

Mermaid’s Boutique

  • Location: Anjuna, North Goa

This very cool boutique is owned by Katja, a true Goa enthusiast, Katja has lived in Goa for over 25 years now and lets her personality shine through her clothes, bags and designs. Her business started 15 years ago as a small stall in the Anjuna flea market and has progressed into the beautiful shop it is today. There are lots of lovely handmade products with amazing designs you won’t find anywhere else. I love the leather jackets!


Noa Nasties, Goa Boutiques, India

No Nasties

  • Location: Assagao, North Goa

This is a great organic, fair trade and vegan clothing line. From the designing, to the production to the sales there are no bad practices involved. Feel good about buying new clothes!


People Tree, Goa Boutiques, India

People Tree

  • Location: Assagao, North Goa

People Tree is the resident shop at the delicious restaurant, Gunpowder. Whilst dining on some of the best food in Goa, take a look at this cool shop which sells a lot of different designers bits from clothing to jewelry to art to books.


Atomic No 29, Goa Boutiques, India

Atomic 29

  • Location: Mapusa, North Goa

A young independent designer on the scene, all of these items of jewelry are handmade at the designer’s home studio in Mapusa. She is a trained metal smith and has put her creativity into these unique pieces. Some can be found at People Tree but she can also be contacted directly for the full collection and special pieces.



  • Location: Agonda, South Goa

This boutique shop is in Agonda on the main beach street next to Zest. It is probably the only boutique shop in Agonda that isn’t selling the usual tourist stuff so if you are on that side make sure you check it out. They have beautifully designed handcrafted men and women’s wear.


Van Andel and Peace, Goa Boutiques, India

Van Andel & Peace

  • Location: Cheshire Cat in Assagao, North Goa

This is a great jewelry shop full of beautifully designed and sometimes one off pieces of silver and gold jewelry with precious stones. Owned by a couple who have lived in Goa for over 20 years they make a lot of the pieces in their workshop in the garden.



  • Location: Panjim, North Goa

Not so much a fashion boutique but this is one of the best shops in Goa if you have a thing for stationary like I do. Found in a pretty secluded spot in Panjim, they have a huge variety of products made with the most beautiful designs all in an Indian style. Everything from writing paper, cards, wrapper paper, diaries, note pads to gift tags and artwork. I always stock up for future birthday cards!

Goa Collective Bazaar, India

Friday Market – The Goa Collective Bazaar

This is not a specific designer or shop but The Goa Collective Bazaar really has a lot to offer in terms of independent designers. Consider this the more premium market with a lot of the above designers taking a stall every Friday. If you are in North Goa on a Friday between November and April then be sure to visit this market to find a lot of options in one place!


Design Village

  • Location: Ashwem, North Goa

In Ashwem, just off the beach and behind the famous La Plage restaurant is a little square filled with boutique shops, independent European designers and the occasional bit of tat. Things from furniture, to art, to clothing. A great little spot to shop before or after a trip to the beautiful Ashwem Beach.

Rangeela Kimonos, Goa Boutiques, India

Rangeela Kimonos

Tips for Shopping Designers in Goa

When visiting designer boutiques the style of shopping is slightly different to the usual haggling saga that takes places at most markets around India. In shops, items are likely to be a fixed price, with it written on the label. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit cheeky and ask for a deal if you are buying more than one item. Maybe they will say yes, maybe they won’t but it shouldn’t cause any offense. Trying to halve the price from its original sticker price, might, so best to avoid that.

As a lot of the above are independent designers, they are likely to be in the shop – so speak to them. Ask them about their line, their story and if you love their stuff, tell them.

If you saw something on their Instagram but can’t see it in store then contact them. If you can’t find their shop but love their clothes and branding, contact them. Everyone above is very accessible and I am sure would be very happy to help.

Happy Shopping!

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