It seems as though there can never be enough tips on Goa, and this article is going to be a one week itinerary for Goa because it is requested so much. I’m going to share how to spend 7 perfect days in paradise: Goa, India. In this Goa one week itinerary, I’ll cover the best of Goa so that you can enjoy the beach, see the architecture in the city, go inland for nature, and enjoy some of the best food and views in Goa.

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I’ve lived in Goa for five years and write about my life here the blog, but if you are going to be spending two or more weeks in Goa, you might want my e-book which is a guide to Goa with all the best places I know here. The book is 170-pages and covers everything about the state. Click here to see more about the book.

Goa One Week Itinerary

If you have just one week in Goa, you should make a decision between North or South Goa or decide if you really want to try to split that and do both. Here’s an article to explain the difference between the two. If you are here to party and like to be busy, stay in the North. If you are here to chill out or have a spiritual getaway, perhaps you’ll like the South. If you are a traveler and want to see it all, I recommend 4 nights in the North and 3 nights in the South.

So, this is just a sample choosing places I like at random, but there are SO many nice hotels in Goa to choose from or budget options.

Day 1 – Arrival to North Goa

Head to Noi Varo if you are a group. It’s a Portuguese villa which you can rent out. Here you can recover in luxury from jetlag while the awesome staff take care of you. It’s a whole house (review here). They serve the best prawn curry I’ve ever had. It’s the best way to ease into Goa, see how the architecture is here, and try the local food. Plus, Siolim is a cute town near to everything.

Goa is pretty even away from the beach!

They are on Airnb. If you use my link to make a new account, you can get $40 off your booking. Here is the link to my discount and here is the property once you have made an account. That would make it $410 a night divided by up to 12 people = $34 per person.

noi varo siolima room at Noi Varo

If you are traveling with a smaller group or even as a couple, I highly recommend looking up cool restored Portuguese villas to stay in. I actually like to do this all over the world when I travel now so you can get that “feel like a local” thing.

Today you’ll be jetlagged so I’ll just put hanging at a luxury villa and making a trip to Ashwem Beach for a sunset view at a beach shack.

Day 2 – North Goa

Arrange it so that you are in North Goa on a Wednesday so that you can spend the day at the Anjuna Flea Market. It is one of the most popular markets in the world. You can hang at the beach, hear live music, get all your shopping down, and eat some local food. Once you get too hot just take a dip in the sea; the market it right next to it.

anjuna flea market goa

In the evening, maybe head out to Pink Chili, a really chill place across from the Gokarting where you can have amazing Indian food with really cool hip vibes.

Day 3 – North Goa

Today you can go up to Ashwem and have lunch at the beachside French restaurant, La Plage. Check out all the nearby shopping like Alchemy, DUST, Jade Jagger, and Nana Ki. Hang by the beach either at La Plage’s beach chairs or go down to a shack nearby. Once you’re nice and tired (and hopefully not sunburnt), stop at Delicieux on the way home to grab some takeaway croissants, eclairs, and other pastries!

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For dinner, you can go to Anand Bar and have some local food like Cafreal, Vindaloo, a fish thali, prawn curry, or whatever you like there – they’ll have tandoori, too. This is a super local place, and the prices are really low. The food is delicious!

Best New Restaurants in Goa in 2018

After dinner, you can head to whatever is “on” that night for a nice trance/psy party if you’re into that. You can check this list to see what day of the week it is and what party happens then.

Day 4 – North Goa

Your last day in the North, you can go to Vagator Beach for the day and sit at the Antares beach shack for nice pizzas and cocktails. Vagator is a cool beach but it’s more for chilling. If you wanted watersports, then head up to Vaayu instead for wakeboarding, SUP, or surfing, weather depending.

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vaayu boat rental

If you want to shop here, you can get some goodies at the Thalassa shop or you can head into Anjuna, and check out Mermaid’s shop before you go back to your room.

Thalassa for Greek food (and always a party) on the last night is a must – be sure to book a table for sunset ahead of time (around 530 you’ll want at table). and a party at Waters, Chronicle, or Curlies – whatever floats your boat! This post tells more about parties in Goa.

Best Restaurants in North Goa thalassa

Day 5 – South Goa

As you head to South Goa, you can leave nice and early and go to Old Goa, Panjim, and Ponda. You’ll still get to the South by 4 pm if you hussle and you’ll have done the main tourist things in Goa.

Old Goa has all the churches and those links above will tell you more about what to see there. Panjim is a small cute capital compared to other cities in India, and being built by the Portuguese, it has a unique charm to it. The link above shares more about what to do there. In Ponda, you have the Spice Plantation. I recommend having already eaten lunch in Panjim and just doing the spice tour. It’s not a good place to see elephants as tourism with elephants that are broken just for tourism shouldn’t be encouraged.

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Arrive in South Goa and check in at Ciaran’s Cabin. I love this beach hotel with amazing food (try the sea bass for dinner).

Day 6 – South Goa

Head to “The Space” which healthy and vegan options to eat and offers yoga classes and massage.  They’ve been featured in Vogue! You can then go shopping at Fat Cat and Chim Shop in case you didn’t get everything you wanted at the market.

It’s your last day so you might want to spend some time at the beach, and outside Ciaran’s is a good place to do it.

For dinner, try out Nada Brahma for some great grilled meats and drinks. It’s run by an English couple and their food is really nice. If you feel like a party you can check out Silent Noise Club, where everyone wears headphones and dances in silence.

Day 7 – Departure from South Goa

Today’s your last day! If you have last-minute shopping you can go to the shops lining the road in Palolem and have one last meal at Home in Patnem for a last meal before you head out!

For this one week guide to Goa, I randomly chose some awesome places that came to mind, but if you want options, more nature activities, spa, best food options for each beach, best water sports, and all the rest, then you definitely need my ebook which is the most comprehensive guide to Goa out there! Click here to read more about it.

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