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I had the most amazing comment pop up on my blog after discussing how some people love or hate India.

“When it comes to having a good or bad experience in India- How much of it do you think is just LUCK?”

Is it possible that two people can come to India with an open mind, happy and positive personalities, and take the same route… then at the outcome one of them had a horrible experience, hates India and will never come back, while the other might have loved it, thought the locals were amazing, and wants to live in India!?

Um, YES!

indian experienceIndia is the land of luck. Your Indian experience can be made or broken by it.

Some will say the person who didn’t love India and had a rough time must not have prepared enough. He didn’t know enough about the scams, touts, bad water, spicy food, how to negotiate, or not to break up a stray dog fight…

Well, in my honest opinion- although I TRY to prepare people for India anyways- It’s all luck you guys!

You could be incredibly prepared: know a few key phrases, have a nice little medical kit, dress appropriately, have an itinerary set and understand how the trains work AND STILL HAVE A TERRIBLE TIME! Isn’t all travel about luck, really, deep down?

indian experience

I was unprepared I’ll admit, and I had a little harassment, dengue fever, issues with touts, major scams pulled in Delhi… Ben’s bit bitten by a stray, we’ve been sick countless times. I’ve been yelled at by aggressive men, ripped off massively about a hundred times by now, and even head butted by a bull. But because I’ve been here a couple years, the good for me outweighs the bad tenfold.

If you came here for two months and were unlucky enough to have a couple handfuls of bad things happen to you, you might leave with annoyance and hatred in your heart.

India can be a mess, let’s just be honest. Every expat I know has breakdowns here- even ones who came in the 70’s.

A friend said to me a couple months ago (after I told her about my massive “I hate India” breakdown at the movie theatre) that “foreigners who live here are allowed about 10 of those…. A MONTH!” We all laughed because it’s true.

indian experience luck

As an outsider, India does shock us and although some can handle it better than others and love the chaos more than others, LUCK plays a huge role in the outcome of a trip.

So, with that- I wish you ALL THE LUCK IN INDIA on your future trip here and am curious if YOU think luck plays a major role in travel & whether or not you end up enjoying a city.