Eco-Friendly Travel Products You Will Love

A lot of nice readers have emailed asking for tips on how to travel green and although I am not totally education on this matter, there are some products I use because I know they either won't harm the environment or because they save on plastic. I thought I'd share my favorite eco-friendly travel products

Stowaway Review: Is it the Best Travel Makeup?

I used to love makeup and not just any makeup, but nice expensive makeup from Sephora. I was a VIB (very important beauty insider) which meant I was spending a lot a year. I used to wear makeup when I lived in the US, but the more I traveled the less I packed makeup. I

Do NOT go to Jordan without trying Ma’in Hot Springs Spa

I tried out a few spa options during my time in Jordan like the luxury Intercontinental in Amman and Kempinski with the magical Dead Sea salt, but I think Ma'in Hot Springs is the ultimate spa experience in Jordan. and the famous hot springs at Ma'in (Hammamat Ma'in) are what make it the best spa in

Tips for the Dead Sea in Jordan… a cool & crazy experience!

Visiting the Dead Sea is something I've always wanted to do and I was lucky to visit this dream destination on my recent trip to Jordan. You can also visit this Sea from Isreal. There were a few things I didn't know ahead of time so wanted to share some tips for the Dead Sea

My Week in Bangkok for TBEX Asia 2015

I hope you guys weren't too annoyed by my # TBEX Asia 2015 coverage back in mid-October. I was at my first travel blogging conference! And yes, it's kind of as nerdy as it sounds. Before I get into details on the conference I just want to share a bit about my week in Bangkok.

Spa in Langkawi… What is ear candling?!

The streets in Langkawi (Kuah and Cenang especially) are lined with spas! You can get all kinds of treatments at a big variety of price, with hotels and resorts being the highest. They are really big on reflexology here, I saw a lot of Thai massage, and mani/pedi places. Another big thing was the “ear

Indian Replacements for American & UK Beauty Products

You will find some of your favorite British or American beauty products in India, but some will be missing or only available at duty-free in the airport at a much higher rate. I've had to learn to swap out brands and products I loved for a similar one available in India. In reality, it's not

Mom daughter day in Dublin, Ohio

I miss a lot back home living in India and this year I missed my mom's birthday and mothers day... actually I think I've missed them (in person) for a few years, so I wanted to plan something for us to do when I was home. We went shopping at Easton, to the Spa at