My Wishlist: 5 Cities to Visit in India

"How much longer are you going to be in India for?" I’m not sure... but it’s something everyone wants to know. Anytime I think about leaving, I feel upset knowing that there’s so much more to India I want to see. It’s taken over my “travel” thoughts so much that I don’t even consider other

Stay at an Ashram in Rishikesh, the Birthplace of Yoga

While in Rishikesh, of course I followed in the Beatles footsteps like every other traveler in India, and stayed at an ashram. There are SO many to choose from.  We across Ram Jhula to Swarg Ashram (an area, not the actual ashram). You could waste days searching for the perfect one so instead, we just

Tips to get Spiritual Just like the Beatles in Rishikesh

ALRIGHT, you all want to get all spiritual in India. I know this because you e-mail me about it. There are stories galore about the Beatles in Rishikesh, because along with some other serious celebrities, they helped bring Transcending Meditation (TM) to the West.  Some were actually only there a couple weeks and were scared

Tibetan Children’s Village in McLeod Ganj

You just cannot go to McLeod Ganj without taking a day to tour, volunteer, and play with some of the Tibetan orphans at the Tibetan Children’s Village. Just a little background: When China invaded Tibet they attempted to crush their culture. You’ve probably seen “Free Tibet” at some point in time, and it’s because most

What the Dalai Lama Taught Me About Life in McLeod Ganj

While in McLeod Ganj, we heard the news of the visit of the Dalai Lama coming back to his “new” home. Knowing this would be one of the coolest experiences of my life, Chloe and I took a break from continuing our trip as planned and we stayed in town to learn from His Holiness.

What to do in McLeodGanj- New Home of the Dalai Lama

Once arriving in Dharamsala after the bus from hell, we had to take a short taxi ride into McLeod Ganj (McLeodGanj). So now that I’ve told you about that time an Indian dude sat on my lap, I can tell you a few little tips about the area. Most people show up in Dharamsala but

The Indian Bus Ride from Hell

After a few relaxing days and becoming MTV India movie stars (just kidding), we were ready to say peace out to Manali. It was pretty empty and we were hoping to meet some more people to make our days a little more interesting. Chloe really wanted to find a Thai yoga massage class and there

That Time I Was in an Indian Rap Video…

Just when Chloe and I were starting to think that we would have a simple day of wandering around Manali doing nothing (since everything was closed), a lady stopped us on the street and our whole day changed in a minute. Because it was November, I suppose she didn’t have much option but to ask us, dressed