Ultimate List of Best Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv

Best boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are not lacking, that's for sure. There are so many options that it was hard narrowing this list down. I was personally at 6 of the 10 on this list and the other 4 were recommended and told about to me by friends who've stayed. There are a couple

Best New Travel Apps 2017 – Tel Aviv Edition

I mentioned before how Israel is a home of innovation and has invented some of the best apps like Viber and Waze. While we were there, we got to meet with some startup tech teams (during a whiskey tasting, while epically hungover- in fact, one blogger didn't make it out that morning!). They gave us

A Hidden Mediterranean Art Oasis in Akko (Acre) Israel

If you know geography well, then you might picture the Israeli seaside looking this stunning. If you think of Israel as in the Middle East and forget about this part of it, like I did, this will surprise you like it did me. I thought I'd be at a beachside town, done and dusted. I

Is Golan Heights Safe to Visit? + Why I Was in This Controversial Region

While in Isreal with Vibe Isreal, part of our itinerary was to visit Golan Heights Winery. We had a great day and the local people showed us around this unique part of the country. Think picnics, champagne, and 4x4 rides. I'll share a bit about this region, what I've learned, and answer 'is Golan Heights safe

Graffiti in Tel Aviv: Leaving My Mark on the City, Literally

You cannot miss the graffiti in Tel Aviv... that is, if you go to the cool areas! We did a tour with a local graffiti artist, which was a special tour thanks to Vibe Israel. Unfortunately, I don't think he typically does tours or lets people graffiti themselves, but if you're really keen, it can't hurt

Visiting the Dead Sea (again), this time from Israel

I was excited to go to the Dead Sea but not jumping up and down excited as I had been before in Jordan just in February. It was a unique experience as you just kind of fall back into the water and float. You can't sink if you try! You also can't get this water in

Visiting Old City Jerusalem

While wandering around the Downtown area was really a highlight for me in Jerusalem, it's not exactly the reason people travel from all over the world to this city. They come because it's full of history and I'm going to share that with you, most of which is in Old City Jerusalem. "The Old City

What it’s like visiting Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem was my first place to explore in Israel and I'm glad of that. It's much easier to navigate than huge Tel Aviv and has a smaller town vibe making it a place you can ease into Israel. Visiting Jerusalem Israel For me there wasn't much to ease into. A guide asked what I thought