Hello, this is Jules here, the local expert for Goa. Here to help you find that perfect sunset spot!

I have been living in Goa now for over 5 years and would definitely class myself as a qualified sunset chaser! I have spent most of my time living a 3 minute walk away from the beach, so chasing sunsets has been a daily activity of mine for a while – lucky me! As Goa is on the West Coast of India, we are fortunate enough to be able to see these sunsets from all the beaches along the coast. 

Goa doesn’t always have the best sunsets, it can really depend on the time of year but nothing can beat watching the big great ball of fire dipping right into the ocean – The Touchdown. On a clear day which is usually most of the days between November and April this is what you should be able to see. 

And from June until end of September it is pretty much monsoon so the sky will usually be filled with dark, grey clouds and there isn’t much to chase at all. 

However, in the month of October as Goa transitions from Monsoon to the high and very sunny season we get glorious sunsets nearly everyday as the clouds create orange, pink and yellow magic in the sky. 

So if you find yourself in North Goa in the months that aren’t monsoon, then make sure you check out one of the below spots to chase the perfect sunset! 

sunset shadow ashwem beach


List is in no particular order, some are nature sunset spots and some are restaurants, bars or hotels. 

thalassa sunset

Thalassa Sunset

1 – Thalassa Sunset 

If you know Goa then you will know Thalassa is probably one of the most famous restaurants we have. The perfect spot for a beautiful sunset that will occur between two points of mainland over the Chapora River. Treat yourself to some delicious Greek food and enjoy the madness of Thalassa with their dance shows, fire breathing, smashing of plates and more – these shows take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tables for sunset will definitely need to be booked well in advance. 


Vagator Hill Sunset yoga

Vagator Hill Sunset Tree Pose

2 – Vagator Hill 

This is a great spot up the very steep Vagator Hill. You get a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean across Anjuna Beach on the left side and Vagator Beach on the right side. Best to leave cars and scooters parked at the bottom and you can walk up the hill as the roads up are very steep, stony and not the safest. Once up, find yourself a spot to sit down and watch the show. Please take any litter back down with you! 


sunset sinquerim

Sinquerim Cliffs

3 – Sinquerim Secret Spot 

This is a secret spot that I am not going to give away unfortunately but wanted to add it to the list so you can see it’s beauty. Up high on a clifftop that leads down to a very deserted and not so clean beach is this beautiful spot that gives you an amazing panoramic view. This is one of my new favorites and one that not many other people know. And it’s better it stays that way, sorry! 


badem hill

Badem Hill

4 – Badem Hill 

This is a secluded spot up a hill surrounded by bushes with a nice space to put a blanket down and watch the sun do its thing. You can see the beginning of Morjim beach in the distance and the Chapora River to your right and the never ending ocean that spreads out in front of you. This is a very cool spot that actually sees the same view as Thalassa but from a different angle. 


Vaayu Sunset Orange beach mandrem

The Vaayu View – An Example of an October Sunset

5 – Vaayu

This is one of my favorite spots and where I can usually be found on Sundays. The beach, Mandrem, in front of Vaayu is empty with no beach shacks at all. This means there is lots of open empty space and usually less people. You can choose to wade through the sometimes high river to get on to the beach or you can sit at Vaayu and have a delicious smoothie, cocktail, taco or whatever takes your fancy from their yum menu. They have a special designated sunset spot up a spiral staircase as well as a whole deck on the other side that usually has DJs playing during the season. 


pousada sunset pina colada cocktail

Pina Colada at Pousada

6 – Pousada By The Beach 

Another famous spot in Goa, is this cute upmarket restaurant set back on Calangute Beach. They serve delicious fresh Goan food, try the seafood, and in my opinion one of the best Pina Coladas in Goa. Sit at a table with your feet in the sand and a beautiful sunset view. They also have two very cute Labradors – Biscuit and Chai. 

Calamari Calangute Beach Sunset

Calamari Candolim Beach Sunset

7 – Calamari Bathe & Binge

I like this spot on Candolim Beach as it is a bit less crowded than the usual cliff edge restaurants. It is a big beach shack, fancier than the usual ones, with lots of tables out on the beach or under the shade of the restaurant. They do delicious grilled fish, great cocktails and you get front row view to the sunset. And one of my favorite things is you can sit on the actual beach with sand between your toes and the fresh sea air blowing in your hair! 

old goa church sunset lady of the mount

Lady of the Mount Views

8 – Chapel of our Lady of the Mount 

This is a beautiful church in Old Goa up a very long hill that I would recommend driving up. You then get to a steep set of stairs which lead to this very old and cute chapel. If the Church is open, please do have a look inside but make sure you are dressed respectfully. Then to your left is a beautiful view over the Mandovi River stretching towards Panjim and beyond. You can see a few of the other churches from above nestled in between the sea of green palm trees. 

Nilaya Sunset Arpora

Nilaya Hermitage

9 – Nilaya Hermitage 

This boutique hotel allows people to come up and use the pool for the day and have food and drink. I would suggest using the pool for the day and then staying for sunset. Nilaya is set up high on a hill in Arpora which gives you an amazing view of the stretch from Calangute to Baga Beach from above along with some beautiful green hills ahead. Depending on the time of the year the sun will set behind the hills or in the sea. Either way it is a really beautiful spot that not many people know about. 

chalston sunset sculpture

Chalston Beach Resort

10 – Chalston Beach Resort 

This family-run hotel opens right out on to the beach in Calangute. They swap their sunbeds for chairs at golden hour to give you the perfect view. They have a cool sculpture made by Subodh Kerkar, a famous artist in Goa that really helps give you the perfect instagrammable sunset pic! Also, be sure to try the Pina Colada, another one of my absolute favorite places to drink them!  


Burger Factory Sunset

Burger Factory Views

11 -Burger Factory

There are now three Burger Factory restaurants in North Goa but the one with the best view has to be Morjim. Set back on the beach but with no shacks in front of it, this Burger Factory has the perfect sunset view. Get yourself a cocktail or my favorite, the banana peanut butter smoothie and choose from the wide variety of non-veg and veg burgers. This part of the beach doesn’t usually get as busy as others so it should be a nice interrupted sunset view. 

Eva Cafe Sunset Food Anjuna


12 – Eva Cafe 

This is a very cute cafe set on the sea front down some very tiny and questionable Anjuna roads. If you plan to go here then take a scooter or park your car a bit further away before the roads get really narrow. The cafe is run by an Israeli lady who makes delicious sandwiches, salads and smoothies. It’s a very quiet part of Anjuna and if you go early you can be sure to get the perfect sunset table. 

Disclaimer – Please don’t hold it against me if you venture to one of these spots and you don’t get a sunset like the ones pictured above. Sunset chasing is a sport full of risk, you can make all the effort to get to a spot but it might be the day the sky lets you down. But don’t give up, pick yourself up and get back to chasing the very next day! 

Monsoon Sunset

Moody Sunsets

Here we have a crazy monsoon sunset taken in the month of May! 

Let us know if you have any favorite sunset spots I missed? 

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