Hello, Jules here, the local Goa expert for Hippie In Heels. Most people find themselves in Goa over the weekend, so if you are unsure of where you should be spending your evenings, here is a little guide for you.

I have been living in Goa for 5.5 years now and the nightlife has most definitely changed since I first arrived. It would be an understatement to say there has been an upgrade in the different and amount of options available. There used to be a few key clubs that tourists went to and some small bars and local spots in between but now Goa is full to the brim with all sorts from Salsa Nights to Jazz Evenings to Karaoke to Games Nights to Live Music, DJs and more. 

Whatever you think you want, Goa has it. So, depending on the reason you came to Goa, there is something out there for you. Below are a large chunk of the options in North Goa that I would personally recommend. 

Do note that you will need to book tables for most places that are not just dance venues and nearly all of the below have an entry fee now. Yep the price of holidaying in Goa has gone up! 

Friday Night 

Friday night is a big night in Goa and probably for the whole world. The start of the weekend for most, the end of the 5 day working week and the day everyone usually arrives for a weekend of fun! 

Goa Collective Bazaar

The Goa Collective Bazaar – Vagator

If you are in Goa between December and April on a Friday then don’t miss out on visiting The Goa Collective Bazaar, a big and beautiful market in Vagator at Hilltop. Start your evening here with some cocktails and choose one of the many amazing food stalls to have your dinner at whilst also taking some time to shop. This market gets very busy in the evenings and sometimes turns into it’s own party until 2am when their license allows it! 

For more information on The Goa Collective Bazaar have a read of this.

Thalassa Sunset, Goa, India

Thalassa Sunsets

Thalassa – Siolim

If you are in the mood for a big night of dancing, drinking and a lot of people, then head over to Thalassa in Siolim where you will find one of the best parties in town. Set in a beautiful spot overlooking Chapora River, with one of the best sunset views in Goa, this restaurant which is more like a club serves great Greek food, has a DJ all night and different shows including belly dancing, smashing of plates and fire throwers. Tables will need to be booked in advance. 

Prana – Jazz Night – Anjuna

I say Prana in Anjuna because there is another Prana Cafe in Mandrem. The same owners but different ends of North Goa. Prana Anjuna is a very cute spot in the backroads of Anjuna surrounded by fields. On a Friday night they have a lovely Jazz evening with tables set out for dinner. This is ideal for a chilled Friday evening and a sit-down meal. Try their Prana Passion or Pornstar Martini if you are browsing the cocktail menu. Book your tables in advance. 

Hideaway Goa, India

Hideaway Live Music

Hideaway – Live Music – Vagator

This is one of my favourite spots in Vagator. A cute little open air restaurant with a beautiful stage ready to deliver a treat to your ears. Hideaway usually book very cool live bands that you wouldn’t usually find elsewhere. Not just DJs but bands from around India and also the world (pre-pandemic!). I have had many fun nights discovering new music and enjoying a Botanique (my favourite cocktail there) on their dance floor. They sometimes have a limited capacity so head there early if you don’t want to miss out and check their Instagram to see who is playing! 

Cavala – Live Band – Baga

Cavala has been around for years and years. Situated in Baga, which is known for absolute madness, this spot is a little different. They have a live band that play all the old classics that not only the oldies will love. Think Red Red Wine, Chameleon, Macarena and more. The dance floor is always packed and there is always at least two professional Salsa dancers twirling the ladies around. For the rest of the week I think it is just a restaurant but on Friday is when the place comes alive. 

The Patio – Pizza Delizia

The Patio – Arpora

This is a newbie in Arpora on a backroad with not much around at all. They have events on most nights of the week and have a great garden area with a beautiful sunset deck. On Fridays, they usually have a big party going on with either a DJ or a live band. Head here for dinner, drinks and dancing. 

Saturday Night

I feel like Saturday is the busier night out of the weekend. Everyone has arrived in Goa who was planning to come for the weekend and everyone is ready for a proper night out. There are parties happening all over North Goa but below are some of the ones I would personally go to. 

Prana DJ Booth

Prana – Anjuna 

I love a Saturday night at Prana Anjuna! It is always a good vibe with a full dance floor and a great DJ set – sometimes a love band! They have great bookings that include some international DJs as well as those from all over India. Nights can vary from Disco to Techno to Jungle to Trance. Check the DJ and make sure the genre is your vibe before going. It usually gets busy here from 10pm onwards. 

House of Chapora 

This is a bit of a newcomer on the scene. Set in a hostel by the river in Chapora, they have big big parties here that seem to go on into the early hours like the good old days before all the license rules. This place is always packed and although I haven’t actually made it here yet, I have heard only good things. 


Moyo – Anjuna

This is a Japanese restaurant that also turns into a cool venue to showcase DJs. The layout of the place means the DJ is at the bottom and you are on different levels watching from above. They usually have pretty well known people playing here that are one-off gigs rather than weekly nights. So if you are in town on a Saturday check Moyo out to see who they have on their list. And if you are heading here be sure to stay for some dumplings! 

Chronicle – Jamie Jones – UK DJ

Chronicle – Vagator

This is a great open-air venue just by the sea in a sort of coloseum, amphitheatre setting. In the main season of Goa – December to February – they can usually have big named DJs here, filling out the whole place and creating an amazing scene for a night out. It hasn’t been as busy as it used the be in the last few years but if there is someone good playing here then make sure you don’t miss out! 

Titlie – Vagator

This spot is next door to Chronicle, mentioned above, so could be part of a planned Vagator party crawl. Titlie is a restaurant that has become a party restaurant as of late with lots of dancing and late night music. It has a sea view so you can get there for sunset and end up staying all night.

The Patio – Jazz Night – Arpora 

In case you missed the Jazz night on Friday at Prana, or maybe you are hungover and need a chilled one, you get a second chance for the Jazz night at The Patio in Arpora. The live Jazz band will be set up in the garden where you can take a seat and relax with some wine and their delicious food. The Patio is also known as Pizza Delizia with a very extensive menu serving not only pizza but Mexican, fresh fish, steak, Italian and more – try the banoffe pie! 

Sunday Night 

On Sunday, most of Goa does start to wind down as the weekend comes to a close. The weekend holiday-makers start to get ready to leave and for most people living in Goa longterm, Sunday is a rest day which means beach day. However, there are still some people who need a more lively Sunday and below are a few of the choices I would recommend.

Hilltop Sundays

Hilltop – Vagator

Hilltop is the most famous trance venue in Goa that started in the 70s. It still has the same hippie vibe and still runs its famous Sunday day parties for free! Head over to Hilltop from midday onwards for proper day party usually full of regulars and old school hippies living their best lives. Make sure psy-trance is your scene before attempting a Hilltop session! 

Thalassa – Siolim

Thalassa doesn’t seem to have a quiet day anymore. It is packed every evening all week (ok maybe Tuesday isn’t so busy), probably because the sun sets every evening and people can’t resist but also because you will always find the music pumping, the cocktails flowing and the delicious food being served. So if you are not done with partying and are in the mood for a big Sunday night, Thalassa is where you should be heading. 

Lazy Goose – Evenings By The River

Lazy Goose – Nerul

This is a more chilled option for a Sunday. Lazy Goose is a cute river side restaurant in Nerul that in the day-time has beautiful mangrove views and in the evening feels nice and secluded sitting below a bridge. They have live music playing throughout the weekend but to me, Sunday seems like the best evening for some fresh seafood and some classics accompanied by a guitar. 

I hope this list helped give you an insight into some of the options for your weekend in Goa. Let us know in the comments what your favourite night out is and where you like to go. 

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