Looking for a cute place to stay in Goa? Our local Goa expert, Jules, recently stayed at the very cute Wigwam in Goa’s Mandrem. Here’s what to expect if you want to stay!

Jules is beginning this Staycation Series to bring some love to businesses around the state. She’ll be taking some staycations in both North and South Goa to highlight the cool, quirky, and sometimes slightly secret options we are lucky to have available.

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Jules, here, trying to keep the beauty and excitement of travel alive whilst still realising the danger of it during the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are different rules all over the world to do with travel restrictions and all countries and places should be checked before you decide to travel, if you do. I have family in England who are completely locked down and won’t be going anywhere for a while – both due to fear and restrictions. India has banned all International flights since March 2020 which is a big (and unfortunately necessary) blow for a lot of businesses who depend on foreign tourism.

Wigwam, Goa


Here in Goa life is slowly carrying on as businesses and people try to make the most of what’s left of the tourist season (November – April) and reach out to the main crowd of domestic tourists. I want to help people realise the importance of supporting your local communities, businesses, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and boutiques during this difficult time. This doesn’t mean you need to travel far and wide to find them, they could be on your doorstep, down the road or a little drive away.

** Please note that all staycations should be taken responsibly. Wear your mask, sanitise your hands, and don’t go if you are feeling unwell.

Checking into Wigwam, Goa: A Unique Stay in Mandrem

Wigwam is in its fourth season now and is owned by a lovely couple from the UK – Tanya and Nic. It is definitely one of the coolest spots I have ever stayed in Goa, beginning with the insanely cool reception desk that leads on to the very Instagrammable tipis.

Wigwam, Goa


They have seven of these beautiful tipis, two wooden cottages, and two apartments on offer. I was lucky enough to stay in a tipi, Number 7 to be precise. It is a surprisingly spacious structure with a very comfortable bed and mosquito net in the middle. The excitement of staying in a tipi is real, with a funny mesh door and a hole in the roof at the top where the bamboo poles meet and allow some of the morning blue sky to shine through. We also had Jax the resident dog sleeping outside the entrance of our tipi which was extra cute.

Each tipi has its own bathroom, not inside but found just next door, down your own little path. This beautiful outdoor bathroom is a real treat – I had 2 lovely palm trees growing in mine. I have always said there is nothing quite like showering under the stars or amongst the luscious green jungle. It can never not be special!

Chill Area, Wigwam, Goa


The grounds of Wigwam are breathtaking with the gardener definitely needing some sort of medal. Each tipi or wooden cottage has its only little path to get to it, surrounded by all different types of palm trees, glorious green leaves and flowers. There are different areas for guests to chill in, with beds, sofas and chairs scattered around.

Cafe Area, Wigwam, Goa

Smoothie Bowl at Wigwam, Goa


I checked in on a Sunday. This is when they have their special BBQ night with a DJ, fun cocktails and a great BBQ selection. We tried to lamb shawarma, hummus falafel, corn on the cob, and the aubergine dip – all delicious. I recommend the strawberry daiquiri or espresso martini to get you in the holiday mood. The very cute cafe area also serves breakfast and lunch with an amazing selection of smoothie bowls.


Wigwam has a few bicycles you can take out to explore the sleepy village roads surrounding it. If you take a right out of Wigwam you can cycle up towards Mandrem beach which is not far at all and happens to be my favourite beach in North Goa. I think cycling is the best way to explore a new place. You actually have time to take it all in and can of course stop for photos any time you want without holding up traffic or nearly being run over or crashing into a cow – all very possible in India!

Yoga, Wigwam, Goa

They also offer different types of morning yoga and meditation classes. They have a board up in the cafe with the timings for the week. Classes are all donation based and take place on a very cute decking surrounded by the lovely green jungle.

Make sure you also check out the clothes shop before you leave, just next to the cafe area. They have some of the coolest denim jackets I have seen with very cool patches and prints sewn onto the back! I need one in my life!

Wooden Cottage, Wigwam, Goa


How to Book

As I said above, Wigwam has tipis, wooden cottages, and apartments. Definitely something different if you’re looking for a cool and unique space to stay in Goa. 

While you can book here, you can also check out their website and their Instagram, @wigwamgoa, for more information. Mention that Jules sent you!

Where else in Goa would you like to see? Let us know!

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