Top 10 Backpacking Europe Experiences

Usually a month or two around Europe is people's first big step into their gap year. You'll want to see Big Ben in London, the Louvre in Paris, and visit Vatican city- and although all these places were amazing to look at, it seems the experiences I had in Europe are more vivid in my

Ultimate Unique Guide to North Goa

I read once that as a travel writer you shouldn’t use the word “paradise”, but there is truly no other way to describe Goa. Imagine people who love their lives completely. They came to Goa to start a business they dreamed of, play music, or sell paintings. With a low cost of living, people can

First Impressions of Mumbai & Arriving in India

When I arrive in Andheri East, at the most awesome Aussie, Elise’s place (she has a blog too!), it was two or three in the morning. It was my first time in India. This was over a year ago. The roads were empty, I’d paid 5x as much as I should have for a cab,

Guide to Boozing on a Backpackers Budget in Singapore

After my first day in Singapore, and Ben and I spending over 200 bucks, I thought there’s no way I could have made it here as a backpacker. It isn’t a joke when people say it’s “so expensive!” The prices really are extremely high, and if someone asked me, "is Singapore expensive for backpackers?" I

Route 66 Road Trip

Before I moved to India I was a travel nurse. If you are in the healthcare field I highly recommend traveling for work. It's a great way to see America and gives you time off after each 13-week assignment! I get a few emails a week about travel nursing so I will write more about

Barcelona: tapas, sangria, and life lessons

There is nothing like the comforts of home. By home, I mean Anuar’s apartment in Barcelona. My superhero couchsurfing host picked me up from the police station after I was pickpocketed and filled me up with pasta and beer while I sulked that my photos were missing. There might have been a couple tears. To

How to Get Back On your Backpacking Budget

While going through old photos to work on this little blog, I’ve come to realize I had slept in some very strange and small places. Some places were fun like castles, fancy hotels (occasional treat from my boyfriend), and cool French houses, but some were failures, like attics, floors, and McDonalds benches. One of the

Travel Holland with Couchsurfing

Many people go to Amsterdam and that is all they see when they travel Holland. What a shame! When my buddy went home early in Amsterdam, I stayed in Holland as I wanted to see more cities from a locals point of view. I have written how much I love to Couchsurf (CS) and tips to