The 10 Best-Kept Secrets In Florence You Won’t Want To Miss

Florence was one of my favorite stops on back when I was backpacking Western Europe! Here are some secrets you won't want to miss. Florence, Italy is visited by over 16 million tourists each year, and it is easy to see why. In my year living and working in this city straight out of the Renaissance,

An Instagram Guide to Trastevere for Amazing Photo Opportunities

feature image from Instagram @andreatunon_ Amidst all the beautiful chaos that is Rome, there is one place that remains a safe haven for those looking to explore this historic city at a slower pace: Trastevere. With its colorful façades, traffic-free streets and the sounds of the Tiber as it peacefully flows by, this medieval quarter

4 Reasons to Visit the Amalfi Coast in the Off-Season

Visiting Southern Italy, more specifically the Amalfi Coast, during the winter is an entirely different experience. I am going to explain why you should visit the Amalfi Coast in the off-season instead of peak tourist season - there are a number of reasons that this is ideal! Why You Should Visit the Amalfi Coast in

Luxury Guide to Rome

Welcome to Backpacker's Boutique. Every Sunday, this spot will feature a new travel blogger. Some weeks it will be a really fun interview about packing, fashion, and fitness so you can snoop inside their bags & lives a little bit and other weeks it'll be a detailed luxury guide to a city the featured blogger/expat knows very well. E-mail me if

Sample Backpacking Western Europe Itinerary

Western europe was the first trip I took abroad. I was so new to travel I didn't think of it as Western Europe because I was completely unfamiliar with the East. It was just Europe! I've put together a sample Western Europe Itinerary that could be done over the course of 1-2 months, or of

Tips on Vatican City

Having the security guard tell me, in the pope’s elevator, that the pope was on holiday in the Alps might not have happened if I hadn’t offered a bribe. Seems wrong considering I was in Vatican City, but it was completely unintentional... and totally worth it. My time in Rome started out innocently enough, getting

10 Travel Tips for Venice.. & Going to Rehab

I have to admit my time in Venice was not well spent. You know when you’ve been traveling too long and you just feel tired? You don’t want to take any photos, talk to anyone, or sightsee? That was my Venice. Although, that didn’t stop me from shopping, nothing does. I bought beautiful Murano hand-blown

Stay in a Castle in Italy

Imagine a beautiful walk down the ­­­­coast of the Gulf of Genoa, part of the Italian Riviera having a chocolate gelato, and heading up to take siesta in your castle overlooking the sea. You can stay in a castle in Italy for about 15 euros a night. In western europe, that’s a decent hostel price,