Hey, bloggers! I know sometimes after a huge trip, you sit down and think “oh my god where on earth do I start writing about this!?” You’ve just spent two weeks in Morocco and had the most epic time, have 700 photos, brands to promote, and you just don’t know where to start. I thought I’d share how I organize writing blog posts about a destination and decide which posts I want to write after a big trip is over.

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How I Organize Writing Blog Posts About a Destination

To show how I organize writing after a trip, I’ll use my Morocco trip as an example. I tend to do the same style of articles for each trip I take like packing tips, hotel reviews, itineraries, and in-depth posts on cool activities. First, I’ll share all the posts that I wrote and what made me decide on them. I wrote 14 articles. To start deciding, I ask myself what my readers are going to want to know before their trip. Sometimes that might be how to get a sim card, how to get a visa, or packing tips. In this case, I only wrote packing tips as the rest wasn’t long enough for a whole post and could be mentioned in my itinerary post.

Packing for Morocco

Next, I do my hotel reviews. Sometimes these are hotels that have been sponsored so it’s required that I write the review and others are just places I’ve paid for that I love. I write the reviews either way.

photos to inspire you to visit morocco

Reviews: Riad Star, El Fenn, Les Cinq Djellabas, Karawn Riad

I do the destination specific posts next and in this case, I went to Marrakesh, Fes, and Chefchaouen. I didn’t have enough tips for Fez since I was there a short time, so I actually included all of those in a round-up article later on. There isn’t any point in writing a post about a place you visited unless you really have something to offer.

Chefchaouen tips: everything you need to know

My girly guide for 5 days in Marrakesh

Shopping in Morocco | What to Buy in Morocco & Prices

Next, I’ll do more detailed posts on things I did there. Sometimes I don’t know what these will be until I write the destination posts above. As I write those, I can see what is actually worth having a blog post of it’s own. I might even open up a new blog post tab and start working on it at the same time.

In Marrakesh, I visited from museums and attractions, but they weren’t interesting enough for their own blog post, so were all added to my 5-day guide, while on the other hand, I did a food tour and shopping tour which were both amazing and worth a blog post of their own. The desert camp I visited outside Marrakesh was also so cool that I wanted to make sure it has it’s own blog post.

Crazy and delicious food to try in Marrakesh

Shopping in Morocco: what to buy and how much to pay

Get the Morrocan desert experience without driving 10 hours into the Sahara

photos to inspire you to visit morocco

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

At this point, all my blog posts that cover the things I did are finished. I could stop there if I wanted to, but this is when I like to do a what to wear post and summary itinerary post that brings ALL these articles together as a cornerstone article and is what I can share anytime someone asks me about Morocco. This makes it easier for my readers to find things. I’ll also make several unique pins for this post. All my images are already uploaded so for the what to wear post, I can scroll and choose the ones that show my outfits the best.

How to “do” Morocco in under two weeks

How to dress in Morocco in a way that is stylish and appropriate

If I have a lot of photos left over that I haven’t used, I might do a photo gallery post and in this case, I had way too many from Chefchaouen so I did a post for just there, plus a post on Morocco altogether. I do this last because then all these images are already on my WordPress.

My Pinterest dreams came true in Chefchaouen

20 photos to inspire you to visit Morocco

That is how I end up with 14 posts about Morocco after the trip was done. When I get home from a trip, before I organize these posts, I actually go through ALL the images at once. I will put them in folders by destination so they are all ready to go once I start writing.

I do think about SEO when I write each post and I might also think about ways I can link to these posts from posts I’ve already written on my blog so that they have some backlinks. I then add them to my calendar but schedule them really far apart so that people reading don’t get bored reading about Morocco. I don’t necessarily post them in the order I write them.

I always write my posts within a week of being back from a trip so I don’t forget anything. I don’t do ANY writing during the trip because I feel like taking time to process it will make for better blog posts than writing it as I go, like a diary.

I hope this can help you organize how to write posts and which posts to write about your next big trip as a blogger.