Goa is a gorgeous beach destination with honey-moon style hotels, so of course, there are a lot of romantic things to do in Goa. However, I have not done many of them. Although I met Ben here and have been living here and dating him for six years, I am not into all the mushy gushy stuff. Based on what you guys search, you are, though! So, I’m going to answer this question the best that I can. Here are some romantic things to do in Goa.

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General Goa Travel Tips

9 Romantic Things to Do in Goa

1. Rent out a luxe boat for sunset dinner and drinks

You can rent out a yacht or cool speedboat from loads of different places here. They usually have options for when to go like a sunset dinner or even a champagne breakfast if you’d rather start your day all loved up. When you rent, it will be just you and your partner plus the boat staff. They will wait on you hand and foot! Hospitality in India is amazing at luxury hotels and events. Consider Vaayu or the Woof Woof boat.

2. Couple massage and spa day

You can try out the Indian style massage called Ayurvedic or do a deep-tissue massage and have it side by side with your sig other. My favorite spa is Snips but they don’t offer this – most 5-star hotels do: Grand Hyatt offers 50% off on Sundays if you go to brunch. I love Alila Diwa and the new W Hotel is a Clarin’s spa.

3. Jungle safari

Try to spot a leopard at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. This is near Molen, Goa in the Western Ghats. I recommend just going for the day and then heading back to your nice hotel. You can drive it easily from South Goa. You might see a cobra or python and have to grab your boyfriend for help because you are scared? Is that romantic, lol?

4. Weekend on a houseboat in the Chapora River

There are houseboats that you can rent from various places similar to the way you can rent a yacht. These houseboats are just like the famous boats in Alleppey, Kerala. I have had friends go out on the boat for the weekend. They ate homestyle Goan food and slept on the boat, in an A/C room. Breakfast was ready for them in the morning at sunrise!

5. Stay in a cute beach shack

There are a lot of “upscale” beach shacks you can stay in as well as a few Portuguese houses on the beach. My favorites for the luxury romantic vibe would be:

  1. Elsewhere (restored Portuguese homes on the sand)
  2. Yab Yum (little huts covered in straw)
  3. Palm Grove (Bali-style and bohemian)

6. Take a hot air balloon ride

You can go out with Tiger Balloons who are the only company that offers rides. They meet just outside of Panjim and go only in good weather. You can then see the tens of thousands of coconut trees down below and the rivers that snake through them.

7. Have a luxe hotel stay with rose petals in the bath and a butler

If you’re going to do this, there is no better option than the Alila Diwa club rooms. I have stayed with them three times, and it’s amazing. You will have your own pool and restaurant (shared by other club rooms), and personal butler. They will do things for you that you don’t even think of like run a bath after the end of the day filled with rose petals. The food at “Spice” is fantastic and it’s a very romantic spot.

8. Hire a chef to come to your Airbnb

You can hire cooks here in Goa that will come to your house. The first one that comes to mind is Mona’s Pantry. As she’s English, I have hired her to make Ben’s favorite dishes from home on special occasions – like a steak and ale stew. She is also part Indian and her chef-husband is from Peru so they can make a huge variety of yummy foods and bring along chocolate covered strawberries with it. For a great Airbnb, check out these places.

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9 Romantic things to do in Goa