Goa is unique in that so many of it’s best parties are right on the beach or up on cliffs overlooking the sea. It makes for an awesome backdrop to an even better party. As you might already know, Goa has some of the best parties in the world and while raves in Goa are more underground, they are still happening. This article will break down the best beaches in Goa for nightlife and for that epic Goa beach your friends are dying for!

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5 Best Beaches in Goa for Nightlife

1. Anjuna

Shiva Valley and Curlies are always a good choice and both are next to each other (sort of) of Anjuna Beach. Shiva Valley parties are on Tuesdays and have a cover charge. Curlies is on Thursdays usually but really it’s always a fun place to go chill and drink, day or night. For the Thursday party, there is a cover charge. Another place to hit up in Anjuna is Nyex Beach Club, which is where Club Paradiso used to be.

2. Vagator

While hilltop isn’t on the beach, it’s just up on the cliff above Vagator beach and you get those beach vibes up there. Hilltop is all about the trance parties and has it’s big parties Sundays but also just throws parties all year. I recommend following them on Facebook. You also have a more of a club scene at Waters which has house nights and is right on the cliffside of Vagator with awesome views.

For more trance scene, there is also 9 Bar on the cliff, that is pretty cool and will sometimes throw huge parties. There is sometimes a cover charge.

Chronicle is more down on the beach, on the lower part of the cliff. They throw awesome parties with a mix of house, techno, and trance. There is usually a cover charge and again, I recommend you follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on parties.

3. Ashwem

Marbela in Ashwem is where the famous white party is each year. You can also stay in the rooms there for around 5,000 INR per night. Sunset Ashram is pretty cool and has an “Ibiza” vibe. They throw some cool huge parties throughout the year. Rockwater is another that has some great parties throughout the year.

Riva is a favorite of mine for their reggae parties and festivals.

Club Fresh in Morjim is a pretty cool spot to check out as well.

4. Arambol

All along Arambol Beach, there is a cool hippie vibe. People set up a little sunset market and drum circle each night in the peak season. They have epic carnivals were you can dress up “sunburn” style. A few places to pop into would be Psy Bar & Nightclub, Mango Tree, and Arkan Bar.

Ash Arambol did some cool reggae parties this year and also do trance and house music.

5. Baga Beach

Baga Beach is where people really let loose. This is more of an Indian crowd with less foreign travelers partying here. Clubs like Titos, Cafe Mambos, Cape Town Cafe, and Cocktails and Dreams will all be packed to the brim on the weekend playing commercial music and serving cheap drinks.

6. Candolim Beach

For a proper “club” experience, you might want to check out both Sync and LPK in Candolim. They have that vacation vibe with cabanas in the club, pools, and you can really dress up here. These are not Goa trance parties but are more commercial with hip-hop as well. This is in my opinion, more for the youngsters partying in Goa like 18-25 or so.

7. Palolem

Leopard Valley in between Palolem and Agonda is the best place to party in South Goa. They have some huge parties throughout the year. Silent Noise Club in Palolem (Canacona) is another cool place to check out when you are in the south for a “silent disco”.

Best places to stay in Goa for nightlife.

While there are more beaches to party at, these are the places that have the most epic “Goa style” parties. If you plan to stay on the beach in these places so you can walk to them, I recommend searching on Hostelworld. These days there are so many hostels and if you’re in Goa to party, then you want to meet people and this is a great way to do that. Many hostels will have pre-gaming parties before big nights out. It’s also safer to go out with a group.

If you want to rent an Airbnb because you already have a group, that is the next best option as most villas in Goa will come with security and a housekeeper and you can then hang in one house much cheaper than separate rooms in a hostel or hotel. If you do use Airbnb, sign up for your account through this link and when you do book your first stay later on, you’ll get an automatic $40 off.