Are you taking a trip to Goa, but not much of a sea swimmer? Do you prefer a calm pool to the salty sea? Our local Goa expert Jules, has a list of swimming pools you should be sure to take a dip in. 

As I am sure you are very much aware, Goa is famous for its beaches. The whole of the western side of Goa is coastline with lots of lovely beaches. However, the seas can be rough and salty-sea-swimming is not for everyone. If you are more of a poolside lounger, do not distress, as Goa is also home to lots of amazing swimming pools. Most belong to hotels and although some may only let guests use them, a lot of pools in Goa are open to day guests at an extra charge. This means you can avoid the high price tag of some 5-star hotels but still benefit from the use of their luxurious pools. This is not something that a lot of tourists know so make the most of this and get to Goa and start pool hopping! 

Jules Underwater Swimming Pool Goa

What to Wear?

Ok, so this may sound like a silly question. You are going swimming right, obviously you will be wearing a swimming costume. Well yes, I hope you will be, but note that in India, a large amount of local Indian tourists may not own swimming gear which is why you may see large groups of people swimming fully clothed. This is also because, swimsuits are usually quite revealing and although Goa may be more liberal with their dress code, this is not the case in most other Indian states. 

However, it is unlikely to find people swimming fully clothed in swimming pools but more likely in the sea. So just in case you were planning on swimming in your clothes in any of the below pools, please note this is not allowed and you will need to get yourself a swimsuit, bikini or swimming shorts

Nilaya Hermitage Pool

1. Nilaya Hermitage

I think this may be my favorite pool in Goa. It is not usually that busy as the road to get to it, is not the easiest. It is a very long and steep stretch that I would avoid trying to walk and would only drive if you feel confident. The pool is located in Arpora, a secluded part of Goa and set up high surrounded by lush green and lots of birds. The rooms are all really beautiful, each with a different theme – water, sun, fire, earth and more. However, even if you aren’t staying you can come and use the pool here if you phone in advance to let them know. The pool is pretty deep but has a shallow section at the back with a waterfall flowing from above. The last time I went, it was 600rs for use of the pool, a sun bed and a towel. They also serve some delicious lunch options, so I would suggest going early and staying for the full day, having lunch and ending it with a beautiful long-distance view of the sun setting in the sea.  

Check them out here

Grand Hyatt Swimming Pool Bambolim

One Section of the Grand Hyatt Pool

2. Grand Hyatt

This is the pool of the very fancy 5-star hotel in Bambolim which I think everyone needs to pay a visit to at least once. The grounds of this hotel are really beautiful with plenty of green coconut trees and huge banyans standing tall and strong. The pool is big with a few different pools, a shallow area, jacuzzi fountains, a deeper pool and lots of sun beds surrounding it. 

A great option is to go for the Sunday Brunch so you get a huge unlimited buffet beforehand and then the use of the pool is included – priced between 2000rs and 3000rs. This needs to be booked in advance and will of course be busier than other days. Or if you want to skip the buffet then you can pay 800rs to use the pool, borrow a towel and lounge on a sun bed. 

Check them out here

wildernest swimming pool chorla ghats

Wildernest Resort

3. Wildernest Nature Resort

I have never actually made it to this pool but it is on my to-go list. I am not 100% sure if you can use it without staying but as it is in such a secluded location, it is unlikely you would be passing by and only there for the day. Located in Chorla, this swimming pool has a breathtaking view over the glorious green Ghats and makes it look as if you are swimming on the edge of a mountain. The rooms are for those who want to be at one with nature and escape the madness that you can sometimes feel in Goa. 

Check them out here

taj fort aguada swimming pool

Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa

4. Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa

Taj being the large chain of hotels they are, must of course have a cool swimming pool. Though I don’t personally think it is as fancy as The Hyatt, it has a very cool beach-side view with the perfect spot to catch the sunset. I think you are able to go for drinks at The Taj if you aren’t staying but I don’t think you are able to use the pool unless you can prove your room number. 

Check them out here

best five star hotel in south goa alila diwa

Alila Diwa

5. Alila Diwa

Another amazing 5-star hotel, except this time located in the quieter area of Majorda in South Goa. Surrounded by the delicious green paddy fields and coconut palms Goa is famous for, this really is the pool from paradise. Depending on the busy-ness of the hotel in the past you have been able to use the pool for the day but you will need to call in advance to book a spot. My favorite part is the sun loungers set in the pool to help you stay cool while getting that perfect tan.  As you can expect the room rate is pretty high but if you are able to, I would add this place to the treat-yourself list. 

Check them out here

etsy finds crochet bikini

Rachel Lounging In The Pool at Alila Diwa

Read Rachel’s review about Alila Diwa here from 2015.

Please note, that due to Covid, there may be some additional restrictions to the use of pools in hotels. I would suggest calling beforehand to double check the pool is open and whether they still offer day pool passes. 

Let us know what your favorite pool in Goa is!  


Dirty Pool Goa

And be sure to avoid any green pools like this one I always used to see from the window of my gym!! It would get worse and worse as the weeks went on!

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