Heading to Morjim Beach in North Goa? Our local Goan expert, Jules, is here to give you all the details!

Morjim is the first of the furthest North Goa beaches after you cross Siolim Bridge (my favorite bridge in Goa because of the amazing views on either side). This section of North Goa’s coastline begins with Morjim then follows on to Ashwem, Mandrem and Arambol. There is no cliff in between to break the beaches up — they just somehow and somewhere fade into the next beach without you ever really realising. Even though they are basically the same elongated beach they are all still very different. Different vibes, different seas, different sand and a different crowd heading to each one. 

I have to be honest and say Morjim isn’t my favorite beach out of the options of North Goa but I am not really sure why. It isn’t a bad beach and it really does have a lot to offer as you will find out below but I just don’t find myself visiting it very often anymore.

As a kid I used to go to Morjim frequently as it was usually emptier and had a lot less sunbeds and maybe less party music. It really is a wide beach that can feel like you need to walk miles to get into the sea when the tide is out. At the southern end, depending on the time of year, you can find turtle nests which are looked after by the forest department. Goa has quite a few nesting areas along the coast for the endangered Olive Ridley species and the safekeeping of these nests are taken very seriously. Yay! 

Morjim Beach, Goa, India

Morjim Beach, Goa, India

You can also see Chapora from here where the sea becomes Chapora River. If you make it to Thalassa in Siolim for sunset this is the bay you will be looking at. Morjim then carries on as the wide spacious beach it is and you can then walk around a little corner to get to a part of Morjim Beach where there are no shacks at all, just a lovely empty beach. Somewhere along the way this fades into Ashwem Beach. 

I would go to Morjim to eat some of the delicious food found at the restaurants mentioned below, to stay in some of these cool spots and to enjoy what feels like a pretty spacious empty beach. 

Where to Stay in Morjim Beach

Jardin d' Ulysses

Jardin d’ Ulysses

Jardin D’Ulysses

This is a beautiful place to stay a little bit down the road from actual Morjim Beach, so it is not beach front but the rooms are really beautiful, the vibe is peaceful and it will feel like checking into home. They also have an amazing restaurant which I talk more about below!

Book here

Montego Bay, Morjim, Goa

Montego Bay, Morjim, Goa

Montego Bay 

They have lots of different room options at this amazing beach side resort. This is on the beach front so you can literally walk out onto the beach in less than a minute. They have maintained it all really well with lovely gardens, a restaurant, bar and best of all it is a pet friendly hotel – so if you live in India and want to take your animals with you, you can. And if you don’t live in India but love animals it’s likely there will be more friendly doggos around to pet!

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Artist Cottages, Morjim, Goa

Artist Cottages, Morjim, Goa

The Artist Cottages 

These are very cute cottages set back from the beach about a minute walk away. Perfect for some peace, quiet and Morjim simplicity. They only have about 10 rooms so need to be booked in advance. These are set back just a bit from Silver Sands which is likely to become the daily shack you visit if staying here. 

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Living Room Beach Resort

Living Room Beach Resort

Living Room Beach Resort 

At Living Room they offer Chalets to stay in. A full Chalet with a living room as well as one bedroom options. This is located directly on the beach and has a great bar and restaurant with the perfect sunset view. I have been to one or two parties here in the main season time. So be aware that on weekends it may not be the quietest place to stay if you are an early bird. 

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Buena Vida, Morjim, Goa

Buena Vida

Buena Vida Beach Resort 

This is another cool resort set on the actual beach front with cute beach hut style wooden cabins. They have a nice restaurant and lovely deckchairs out front to chill on. Burger Factory is just next door which is also a big plus! 

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Woke Hostel 

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper try Woke Hostel, it has a pool and the usual hostel options of dormitories and private rooms. It is not located right on the beach front but on the main road running parallel to it next to lots of cool shops and restaurants. Book here. 

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Where to Eat in Morjim Beach

Jardin d' Ulysses

Beetroot and Goats Cheese Salad

Jardin d’Ulysses 

A real hidden gem, not so much on the usual tourist trail is this amazing restaurant, shop and guest rooms – mentioned above. The food here is genuinely delicious with every dish I have ever ordered being amazing. They also have some fun live music evenings with a cool ambience and all outdoor tables. Try the Rum Steak, Coconut Prawns, Tandoori Rockfish and Spinach and Cheese Momos! 

Burger Factory, Morjim, Goa

Burger Factory

Burger Factory 

These are most definitely the best burgers in Goa. And yes they are beef (did you know beef is only found and eaten in Goa?). You can also find vegetarian options. I am pescatarian and though I do miss a beef burger from time to time, the vegetarian options here are divine. The spinach and blue cheese or the black bean burger are the winners for me. For the beef eaters, try the mango, avocado or the cheese bbq bacon burger. Yum! 

Morjim Beach, Goa, India

Tomato’s, Urba and Cape Town Cafe

Tomato’s, Urba or Cape Town Cafe

These are cute beach front spots with sun beds. They all have a good menu offering some great dishes from the tandoor – try the fish tikka, chicken tikka or paneer tikka from Tomato’s. They all have some fun cocktails and are usually one of the places playing music. So if you are looking for bit more of party beach scene, try this part of the beach. 

Morjim Silversands

Silver Sands

Silver Sands 

This beach shack is a bit more towards Ashwem and is slightly raised up from the beach. They have their own sun beds and are on a bit more of a quieter section of the beach. This is a nice spot to chill at for the day. To the left they now also have beach hut options which are new this season.

Khana Love, Morjim, Goa

Khana & Love Cafe

Khana & Love Cafe 

This is the cutest, cosiest little cafe on the road leading up to Morjim Beach. They have great smoothies and delicious coffee as well as a little boutique with some cool clothes. They have a sweet terrace at the top where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. The service was not the fastest but the food was delicious! 

What to Do in Morjim Beach

Party By The Beach

If you want to party while in Morjim then head to Marbela Beach Resort which is right on the beach and usually has big DJ bookings every month. Living Room also has some fun DJ nights in their beachfront restaurant and Rock Water is a cool venue with big parties usually going until dawn. 

Solaris is found a bit further up North in Ashwem but also has big events and sometimes festivals going on. 

Or if you are looking for something a lot more chill then head to The Rice Mill for their weekly jazz nights in their very cute venue which actually was an old school rice mill! 

Morjim Surfing

Morjim Surf Gang

Surfing – Octopus Surf School 

If you are a beginner like myself then surfing in Morjim is what you should do. The waves are nice and friendly and there is a great school on the beach that offer surf lessons throughout the day for all levels. If you are experienced like Rachel, the Hippie In Heels founder, was then you can rent a board from them to take out yourself. This is a lot of fun and a great way to start any morning in Goa! Contact Eddie on Instagram – @surfinggoa for more details.

Morjim Kayaking

Konkan Explorers


Konkan Explorers is a great tour company who offer a kayak adventure along the beautiful mangroves of Chapora River. The meet point is at the Jetty in Morjim and you can pick different tour options. Friends of mine have done the 3 hour tour in the evening where you do some kayaking for about an hour and then spend time on a great boat cruising along the river. Book Here.

Beach Bumming 

Of course you should never forget about just spending time on a beach and not actually needing to do anything except lie on a sun bed, take a dip in the sea to cool off and have a cocktail or a fresh coconut in your hand at all times! 


As said above, Morjim is the beginning of one long elongated beach so if you wanted to, you could walk all the way to Arambol and though this would take you hours and you may get heat stroke, it would most definitely be a beautiful walk. To avoid the heat stroke, walk in the mornings or at sunset and maybe try and make it to Mandrem beach instead. See for yourself if you can feel the difference in the sand!

Khana Love Shopping

Khana & Love Shopping


There are lots of nice stalls and shops in Morjim along the main road rather than along the beach. Here you can find the usual tourist Goa gifts but I have also stumbled on some great printed shirts for men and cool beach dresses for women. You can also find Fabindia on the main road which has some great traditional Indian clothing. If you are heading to Jardin d’Ulysses or Khana & Love then be sure to check out their boutiques too! 

I hope this guide gave you an insight into what you don’t want to be missing out on when visiting Morjim Beach! Enjoy! 

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All the best things to do in Morjim Beach in North Goa, India